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Perpetual Chains -
RPG Video Game

Sim is the very definition of professionalism. Always sent his lines in a timely fashion, with a high quality. Very adaptable and follows instructions to the letter.

Declan Stephenson - Director of Perpetual Chains

Nexlord Series/Archimage Wars Series/Zone: the end and the beginning - Audiobooks

Sim Meavorn has performed the difficult role of a character who is hiding his evil nature, masquerading as a friendly councilman.  This is an important role to the series, and the duplicity of the character is a challenge for any voice actor.  He has done a very professional job in bringing this character to life.  Sim has also shown the important quality of getting his role done on time.  He is easy to work with, and willing to listen to direction.

Sim’s acting skills are exceptional, and he manages to achieve excellent emotion in the delivery of his lines.  His recordings are done with quality equipment, and come very clean.  Most importantly, Sim has a great attitude while working on the project.
I wholeheartedly recommend Sim Meavorn for any voice acting role.  I certainly plan to continue working with Sim on the rest of this novel series, and, hopefully, other book and game projects.

Philip Blood
Author and Game Company CEO

Wuthering Heights - Sims movie

One of the most outstanding performances I have ever heard in voice acting.

Raven Harlow


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