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mY Brain and Me


Ever wondered what its like to have Dyspraxia?


This is a standalone, five-minute 360 video about the producer’s own experience of what it is like to have dyspraxia. Receiving and deciding upon information for a dyspraxic person, especially if there are a number of aspects to consider, can be overwhelming, making it difficult for the person to concentrate, sift through and make relevant and coherent responses to the subject matter. The situation in the video involves three people, two of whom are discussing the third person’s call for jury duty. This dialogue continues but fades into the background as an internal monologue is heard from the third person who is seated in the back of the car. These thoughts in the head reveal the anxiety over the call to attend for jury duty and the questions and discussions coming from the two people seated in the front of the car. Additional soundscapes of rapid heartbeats and high-pitched screeching sounds to reinforce the person’s physical and emotional reactions envelop and immerse the listener as the narrative unfolds.


Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 16.13.20.png

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