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Audio editor    Sound Designer    Foley Artist   

Kirstin mclellan

aka: Casey MeavorN

Kirstin is a master student  last year  at Glasgow School of Art studying Sound and the Moving Image. She has done multiple works which include a documentary film featuring the brutalist architecture of St. Peter’s Seminary, Cardross. The film focused on the decay and isolation of this A-Listed building, the creative opportunities it affords and its final abandonment through the decision not to grant state care status.

Her greatest passion is in the area of Health and Wellbeing strengthened by her own experiences having, and dealing with, dyspraxia. She conveys the constant fight in her head of trying to process too much information through visuals and sounds exemplified in her short 360 film My Brain and Me.

Kirstin also has an interest in science fiction particularly dystopian worlds. She has taken a short radio drama from the Sediverse series and transformed an existing episode into an online binaural audio piece called Dust.

To see her recent works go to 

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 17.32.51.png

"My Brain and Me" is a 360 film based on Kirstin's own perspective of what its like to have dyspraxia. The listener is forced into a series of strange drone sounds in the backgrounds along with my own voice layered to give the listener/viewer a  subjective of the inner voice on what I feel.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 16.08.34.png

Binaural Radio play utilising custom made sound design creating Spatial audio designed to enhance the listeners audio experience -

       to make them feel part of the action 

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