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Animation title effect G.Curtis 2020

Sedisverse series


This is a five-minute radio drama based on an existing episode from the planned 26-episodes from the online Sedisverse series.  The episode has been transformed into a surround sound listening experience through additional sound design, some script inserts, editing and adding voice overs. Dust is set in a dystopian world and focuses on the main character Grimm who has saved a group of people who were due to be experimented upon but together are now trapped in an abandoned building with no means of escape. Police officers and drones who surround the building start to fire in a bid to frighten the people into submission and leave the building. Voices can be heard from, journalists outside the building broadcasting the stand-off, police officers negotiating with Grimm and from whom you also hear, through his monologue, his reflections on his past, present and future. 

Staring Voice actors 

Glenn Curtis

Fiona McNeill 

Nicole Gallacher

link for the original Dust Episode written and directed by Gareth Johns -


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